Monday, January 17, 2011

The Hidden Curriculum

Do you like History? Arts maybe? Or Physics perhaps?

Well, those are the things that your teacher will teach you and they are all in the books!
But what you do not know or realize is what did you learn indirectly at school? No, you did not just learn what are in the books or in the syllabus, regardless you are taking pure science or social science or whatever streams you take.

When you go to school, you actually learn more than that. You learn about respect, love, friendship, social skills, public relation, peer pressure, stress, most of all you learn about human, about life.

Those are the things that you would pick up when you are at school whether you realize or not. Some are negative and some are positive. Therefore, it all comes down to you. How strong are you to resist the negative influences and how smart are you to differentiate what is good and what is bad.

The key to the answer is yourself. 

Note : to know more about hidden curriculum, go to this link and this link


What Is Ahead of You?

University Life!

Yes, if you just finished your high school, I am sure you are planning to go to university of your choice, right? Well, there are 20 of IPTAs and many IPTS in Malaysia so you better choose wisely. Here is the link to the list of Public Universities in Malaysia.

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Apart from choosing your favourite university, bear in mind that the most important thing is to choose the right course. The questions to ask yourself are:
  •  What are the things you like to do?
  •  What is it that you like to be / become?
  •  What is your ambition?
  •  What are your favourite subjects?
  • What subjects are you good at?
Then, it is all come down to your result. Make sure that your result is good enough to pass the entry requirements set by the university and the Ministry of Higher Education before you apply.

If you choose course such as Education, Music, Arts and Designs, Architecture or any course with interview and test, be well prepared because you will be judged by the panels or the interviewers whether  you are right for such course. Be confident and be prepared.

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Do not worry, take your time to figure out what is right or suitable for you, do not rush to it. If you still do not have clue what to do with your future, you can always go to your counsellor at school, talk to your parents or ask your seniors. I am sure they can help.

If you want to ask me anything, you can just simply write to me in the comment box or email me. Good luck deciding your future!

Future educator,
-the GEEK, shikin hasnan-

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Poem Analysis 2- In The Midst of Hardship.

At dawn they returned home
Their soaky clothes torn
And approached the stove
Their limbs marked by scratches
Their legs full of wounds
But on their brows
There was not a sign of despair

The whole day and night just passed
They had to brave the horrendous flood
In the water all the time
Between bloated carcasses
And tiny chips of tree barks
Desperately looking for their son’s
Albino buffalo that was never found

They were born amidst hardship
And grew up without a sigh or a complaint
Now they are in the kitchen, making
Jokes while rolling their cigarette leaves.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Poem Analysis 1- Hanging Fire.

Hanging Fire by Audre Lorde.

I am fourteen
and my skin has betrayed me
the boy I cannot live without
still sucks his thumb
in secret
how come my knees are
always so ashy
what if I die
before the morning comes
and momma's in the bedroom
with the door closed.

I have to learn how to dance
in time for the next party
my room is too small for me
suppose I die before graduation
they will sing sad melodies
but finally
tell the truth about me
There is nothing I want to do
and too much
that has to be done
and momma's in the bedroom
with the door closed.

Nobody even stops to think
about my side of it
I should have been on Math Team
my marks were better than his
why do I have to be
the one
wearing braces
I have nothing to wear tomorrow
will I live long enough
to grow up
and momma's in the bedroom
with the door closed.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Educational Blog.


This blog is simply made to discuss about education. Hopefully it will be informative and entertaining.

yours truly.
shikin, the nerd.